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With the rapid growth of China's national economy and transportation, there has been a lot of waste rubber tires, waste tires and polymer modifiers day when powdered or granular added to the asphalt through a unique physical chemical preparation and processing waste rubber modified asphalt road paving material is applied in an effective way, in today's world of pollution control waste rubber material, a common practice with environmental economical utilization of wastes. Not only can greatly improve the asphalt road performance, extend the pavement life and reduce the cost of road construction, and play pollution, conserve resources, the role of a large number of comprehensive utilization of waste materials, in line with national environmental policies and the development of recycling economy and building a conservation oriented society. It has obvious economic and social benefits, and therefore promote the use of waste rubber modified asphalt has very important significance.


Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaotong University's team of experts after years of collaborative research to overcome the shortcomings of traditional waste rubber modified asphalt, developed a new type of rubber modified asphalt production technology and achieved industrialization .


The technical project has been included in major projects National Technology Support Program, jointly undertaken by Shanghai Jiaotong University and Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Company. Item number 2008ABC46808.

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