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High intensity (mold) structure asphalt (anti-rutting agent)

The company has type ZQ-1 toughness "high strength (modulus) Asphalt direct feed" and ZQ-2 type flexible "high strength (modulus) Asphalt direct feed", the Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Hunan transportation Research Institute and the Xinjiang Research Institute and other units to detect cross, added in the same amount, its application performance fully met or exceeded similar products in France and Germany similar products PR products DUROFLBX material technical requirements, and in the asphalt mix dispersion feed is better than French PR material products, and facilitate the construction, energy conservation, not change the content in any asphalt mixture gradation, mixing, paving, compaction and other processes are not required to change, ZQ- 1 materials and ZQ-2 material melted and Aggregate strong adhesion without the use of adhesives and anti-stripping agent. This product is used for road pavement in the bottom layer can significantly improve the modulus of asphalt pavement to improve the high temperature stability and resistance to rutting.

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