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Seizing strategic opportunities of the "One Belt and One Road", enterprises in Jiangyin "Go Global" to open up markets

Seizing strategic opportunities of the "One Belt and One Road", enterprises in Jiangyin "Go Global" to open up markets

     In the Economic Forum held in late February in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Jiangyin Baoli Asphalt and Far East Development Department of the Russian Federation signed a Memorandum of Understanding, Baoli asphalt will participate in the construction of special economic zones in the Far East and the planned investment scale is up to 2 billion dollar. Previously, Baoli Asphalt has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Russian Federal Highway Agency, it will carry out financing of $ 2 billion to participate in the basic road construction projects of the Russian Federation. This is an important measure to seize the strategic opportunities of “One Belt And One Road” , seize investment opportunities abroad and " Go Global " to develop. According to the representation made by president Zhou Dehong of Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd., in addition to taking PPP mode (mode of cooperation between the Government and social capital) to participate in infrastructure road construction in Russia, considering that the modified asphalt technology in Russia is very weak, Baoli Asphalt will give full play to its technical superiority, participate shares in Russian oil fields, acquire refineries and establish asphalt plants, in addition, it will construct National Laboratory in Moscow Mining University to expanding the international market. By the end of March, the company will send a team to station in Russia.

    It is an important measure to propose the strategy of "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" (referred to as "One belt And One Road"),  to build a new open economic system. The enterprises in Jiangyin actively implement the "One belt And One Road" strategy and enhance competitiveness in the "Go Global" activity. As the "leader" of Jiangyin Photovoltaic companies, The Envision Energy has signed the "smart city" strategic cooperation framework agreement with Infratil, which is the largest energy infrastructure investment & development and operating company in New Zealand, and Morrison which is the largest investment fund in New Zealand regarding Christchurch, which is the second largest city in New Zealand. Vision Energy will leverage its cutting-edge technology in areas including intelligent sensing, internet of things, cloud computing and energy internet, etc. to build management platform for Christchurch "smart city" and realize digital management of electricity production, electricity consumption and   power trading in the whole city. As Envision Energy and Baoli Asphalt, the industries including steel, textile & clothing and photovoltaic, etc. in our city have accelerated the pace of overseas production and operation, the foreign investment drives export of machinery & equipment and raw & auxiliary materials and transfer of competitive industries to achieve significant results.

    "One belt And One Road" involves 65 countries &d regions. According to statistics of customs, the import-export volume of our city toward the "One belt And One Road" countries & regions has reached 6.148 billion dollar in 2014 and this has increased by 6.53 percent on year-on-year basis. Of which export volume is 4.103 billion dollar with an increase of 8.5% and import volume is 2.046 billion with an increase of 2.78%, accounting for 27.56%, 31.51% and 22.05% in the total volume of the city. In the meanwhile, 28 foreign investment projects have been approved in 2014,in which there are 7 investment projects for the "One belt And One Road" countries & regions, the contracted foreign investment of China side is 29.94 million dollar, accounting for 25% &  5.62% of the city's total overseas investment respectively,.

Jiangyin City will continue to encourage the competitive industries to expand overseas production & business scale, explore promotion of construction of overseas economic & trade cooperation zones or industrial parks, and support foreign trade enterprises to expand import and export trade with "One belt And One Road" countries & regions. At the same time, we will deepen the reform of customs clearance operations, expand reform achievements in regional integration of customs clearance and paperless customs clearance, etc. so as to provide service security for "Go Global" of enterprises in Jiangyin.

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