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UV-blocking anti-aging asphalt

Western area accounted for two-thirds of China's land area, the amount of ultraviolet radiation is 3-4 letter over other regions, these regions violet asphalt pavement aging more prominent. Asphalt is organic macromolecular material, and the occurrence of light oxygen aging vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, and thus degradation of service performance of asphalt-based materials, resulting in asphalt pavement cracks, rutting, pit, peel and other diseases, greatly reducing their use life. UV strong areas, some pavement 2--3 years Demand overhaul, service life by 80%.

Layered materials research specific anti-aging asphalt company, analyze its basic road performance and long-term service performance and optimize the best experimental program and its optimal construction process. Supramolecular structures prepared using ultraviolet aging asphalt barrier material to achieve a product application of innovation, can extend the life of roads in western area 2-3 times, with significant technical advancement, with strong market competitiveness, is expected to road construction and building waterproof wide range of applications in the field.

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