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With the development of high-grade highways, the number of road tunnels are also increasing. Tunnel asphalt pavement use, in the event of road traffic accidents caused by fire, the consequences could be disastrous. A lot of smoke and harmful gases in the tunnel closed environment arising to persons and the environment also caused great harm. In the long tunnel asphalt pavement surface layer of the paving process, it is necessary to improve the application of flame retardant properties of asphalt pavement, so as to achieve the purpose of the tunnel road traffic safety.

Flame retardant is an important part of the pitch. Flame retardants are divided into: organic halogen and inorganic metal compounds. In the process, it can be used as a flame retardant modified asphalt emulsion high shear mixing retardant were prepared to change Sui asphalt shear rate of 5000-8000r / min. First asphalt at 11 0 ℃ dehydration 30min, heated to 1 75 ℃, adding flame retardant cut 1 0min, made of fire-retardant modified asphalt. Construction Technology retardant asphalt mixture of asphalt and construction process is generally the same mixture.

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