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New high viscosity polymer modified asphalt

With the development of highway technical level, permeable pavement has been more widely used, but the pavement structure has a certain geographical limitations. Porosity due to the continuous rolling and clogging dust or chippings vehicle at any time Division decreased, noise reduction capability and drainage capacity will also drop.

Despite the presence of certain restrictive conditions in permeable pavement promotion, but the high viscosity modified asphalt has its advantages for the industry attention. To broaden the scope of application of high-viscosity bitumen, asphalt pavement to improve overall performance, the company has independently developed a new type of high-viscosity polymer modified asphalt, our company and the Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed the "ultra-fine particles fill the grafting technique." The technology uses a modified asphalt using highly complex and dynamic vulcanization dynamic desulfurization technology to prepare. First and then modified by the composite method, ultrafine particle filter, select polymer (SBS) and ultrafine particle binding medium system, the polymer modifier combined with ultra-fine particles, reducing the density modifier and asphalt poor, improve its kinetic stability, while ensuring the performance of high viscosity asphalt construction and good premise, and then using a chemical reaction compatibility of methods to improve the high temperature and high viscosity of the asphalt storage stability.

 The new product has been greatly improved in performance, cost dropped significantly, can be widely used in highway, municipal roads in the upper layer of mix designs.

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