High Speed Rail emulsified asphalt

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The company produces high-speed railway slab track emulsified asphalt cement mortar used in asphalt, asphalt cement slab Track screed as a bedding material track plate and concrete base or support layer, primarily as padding, support, bearing and the role of power transmission, and provide a certain stiffness and elastic toughness track. Cement asphalt mortar performance directly affects the quality of high-speed trains to run, track structure durability and operation and maintenance costs, so for the mixing of emulsified asphalt cement mortar (cement, fine aggregate, water and additives, etc.) special emulsified asphalt It is one of the key high-speed railway construction material.

Special emulsified asphalt into anionic and cationic respectively applied CRTSⅠ type and CRTSⅡ Slab track asphalt cement mortar.

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