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Warm mix asphalt (Warm Mix Asphalt, referred WMA), through certain technical measures capable of mixing asphalt and construction at a relatively low temperature, while maintaining its no less than hot mix asphalt mixture performance technology. The company BL-WMA surfactant type of warm mix technology main advantages are:

It does not change the physical and chemical properties of asphalt, by lowering the interfacial tension between the bitumen and the stone and to provide lubrication to reduce mixing and rolling temperature mix; Both the expandable type or viscosity, by reducing the pitch ultimately viscosity to improve its workability, but in a way different;

With anti-peeling function, improve adhesion of asphalt and aggregate, water stability, low-temperature cracking resistance and fatigue performance than foaming and viscosity reduction method is better, particularly water stability has improved significantly;

Cooling rate, surface active agent can cool warm mix formulations above 30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and foaming and viscosity type can only cool 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃;

Unexpected side effects do not occur. Type viscosity at low temperatures, such as construction, if the temperature of the material by the hot mix asphalt, bitumen viscosity reduction may be due to leakage caused by the sound of rain, the bottom of the car with the top than the asphalt mix significantly greater.

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