Liquid asphalt

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Liquid petroleum asphalt (also known as diluted bitumen) with gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, solvent oil, petroleum asphalt mixing dilution solvent from the liquid asphalt products.

Liquid asphalt is mainly used for transparent layer, adhesive layer and mix refrigeration mix asphalt, liquid asphalt into fast condensate, condensate and slow coagulation in three varieties, the user can choose according to the purpose and use of premises.

Liquid asphalt in storage, use the process to a well-ventilated, storage temperature not higher than 50 ℃ to ensure safety.

Our company produces quality indicators of liquid asphalt in full compliance with People's Republic of China Ministry of Transportation industry standard "asphalt pavement construction specifications" in (JTGF40-2004) liquid asphalt road with the technical requirements.


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