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Universal modified asphalt is my company in accordance with People's Republic of China Ministry of Transportation industry standard "asphalt pavement construction specifications" (JTGF40-2004) the technical requirements of production of modified asphalt products, while meeting US Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) technical requests, see Table 1. Universal SBS modified asphalt have classes (divided into IA, IB, IC, ID four kinds), SBR classes (divided into Ⅱ-A, Ⅱ-B, Ⅱ-C three kinds) and EVA, PE class (Ⅱ-A , Ⅱ-B, Ⅱ-C, Ⅱ-D four kinds).


To meet the technical requirements of different traffic road, we can according to the user's specific technical requirements of the production is different from the Chinese Ministry of Transportation universal technical standards for modified asphalt products.


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