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1. Company profile

Baoli Holdings (Singapore) PTE. LTD is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd. registered in July 2013. Its total registered capital of USD16 million is invested in cash fully. The Company is mainly engaged in the sale of asphalt and high strength framework asphalt and the investment in foreign countries. The establishment of Baoli Holdings (Singapore) PTE. LTD in Singapore, an important oil production and transfer base of the world, will help the Company to extend its upstream and downstream industrial chain, increase the export of special asphalt products, obtain better raw material sources, reduce its comprehensive operating cost largely, foster its management efficiency, and improve its comprehensive competitiveness and brand awareness significantly.

2. Team profile  

Chairman of the Company: Mr. Zhou Dehong, chief engineer, now acting as chairman of the domestically listed company--Jiangsu Baoli Asphalt Co., Ltd., with over 20 years’ rich experience in operating oil and asphalt industry; the modified asphalt company under his leadership has become a domestic leading enterprise of the industry.

Deputy General Manager: Mr. Gu Quanfeng, chief engineer, engaged in operating oil and asphalt business for over 20 years; ever served in CNPC Shell, with rich operating and management experience.

CFO: Ms. Zhou Wenting, master, accountant, now acting as CFO of the Company and taking charge of overseas investment, financing, acquisition, merger, and other business management.

Chief engineer: Mr. Zhang Han, chief engineer, ever engaged in project planning and design management in CNPC and SINOPEC, with over 20 years rich working experience.

Chief production operating officer: Mr. Jiao Weizhou, chief engineer, take charge of production, operation and management of modified asphalt, with over 10 years’ production and management experience.

General Manager of Road New Material Company: Pro. Wu Shaopeng, doctor, doctoral supervisor, and chief professor of National Key Silicate Building Materials Laboratory of Wuhan University of Technology, with over 20 years’ working experience in China road construction and silicate material field, now acting as chief engineer of road engineering and taking charge of road engineering, technical project and construction of the Company both in China and abroad. 

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